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          Take Control of Your Program
          with My bistroMD

          Unlock the flexibility you need to customize your
          weight loss journey to your specific needs.

          GET STARTED

          Custom Diet Plan for Weight Loss

          Live Well - Cook Less

          My bistroMD is the only customization tool of its kind! As a bistroMD program member, you'll use my bistroMD to select your
          favorite entrees, giving our Registered Dietitians the information they need to build a satisfying and delicious personalized
          diet plan that is custom-built to your tastes.

          Our experts build
          a program for you

          After you have placed your order, our Registered Dieticians build a custom diet program perfectly suited for your unique needs.

          Choose your
          delicious entrees

          Access my bistroMD to view your menu in advance. There, you can customize your individual entrees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

          Manage your
          program anytime

          Access my bistroMD 24/7 to customize your menu, approve or remove new meals, or skip a delivery week. This is your program. Log back into my bistroMD at any point to review your menu, make edits, and take ownership of your own custom diet program.

          ORDER NOW

          Take a Tour of MyBistroMD

          Take Control of Your Weight Loss

          My bistroMD is great because I can manage my plan on my own time, whenever I want. I love that it helps me fit my weight loss goals into my busy life.

          - Lisette, 32 pounds lighter

          Why bistroMD Works

          The bistroMD diet food delivery service was created by Dr. Cederquist as a customizable diet food delivery service to fulfill the real needs of her patients. With 20 years of real success, we are on a mission to help real people achieve real results. Join us today!

          • Nutritionally balanced diet meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your door
          • Scientifically proven healthy meal delivery plans developed by Dr. Cederquist to target fat
          • Customized physician-designed diet food plans for women and men
          • Individualized support along every step of your diet delivery journey to success
          I have spent the past 20 years helping people achieve successful weight maintenance.

          - Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D.

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          Dr Phil
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